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Journey South consists of brothers Andy & Carl from the North East of England who have been singing, recording, and performing together for over 20 years. 


Way back in 2000 Journey South was actually a 5 piece band called The Answer who had been already performing and recording their own original material in and around the music venues of their home town of Middlesbrough. After seeking out management, and a chance to take their music to the next level the band moved south to London, to chase their dream of a record deal. It was at this point the band changed their name to Journey South.


After several years of gigging and circulating the music scene of London in an attempt to break into the industry, the group eventually disbanded and Andy & Carl became the last remaining members of Journey South. Unwilling to give up the brothers continued on for another 18 months trying everything to get noticed. In those days there was no internet or social media, and the only way to get your music played was to get out there and gig, gig, gig and send your demos to record labels! 

Eventually, the brothers had to accept that perhaps their dream was a little out of reach and they returned home in 2003 to pick up where they left off. They continued to perform and work together on new music but the dream was put on hold. 


Then, in 2005 the brothers applied for a new TV show called The X Factor and decided to give it one last shot. The lads made it right to the final of the show and came third out of over 100,000 applicants. Simon Cowell mentored them throughout the show and signed them to his record label SYCO after the show had aired. Andy & Carl had finally secured that elusive record deal. 

Their self-titled debut album (Journey South) was the fastest-selling album of 2006 and hit number one in its first week of release selling over 216,000 copies in just one week, and went on to sell 500,000 copies. This was what dreams were made of, Journey South were on the map.

The brothers went on to perform to over 100,000 fans over two sell-out tours and released their second album HOME, a collection of original material recorded in Stockholm, Sweden. 

Andy & Carl are currently recording and releasing new material, and still enjoying it as much as they ever did! It's been quite a journey...



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